Company Overview

Our tested approach and proprietary method enhances an organization from within, resulting in a productive, powerful company that profits, grows and retains its clients.

Founded in 2009, Orbacz Strategy Group’s primary mission has always been to develop leadership capacity and skills, which are the cornerstone of any successful organization. Through our management consulting and leadership coaching programs, we have groomed hundreds of executives and teams to recognize and improve core leadership skills like relationship development, creativity, innovation, and strategic planning.  We customize each program, introducing cutting-edge tools, training and consultation to guide your organization to your end goals.

Our Management Consulting services include:

  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Operational planning and implementation
  • Cultural assessments and alignment
  • Organizational effectiveness assessments and planning
  • Performance evaluations and improvement
  • Change management and sustainable growth
  • Succession planning and management
  • Meeting planning and facilitation to include outdoor programs

Our leadership coaching program features a renowned, sought-after team of experienced coaches who address each individual. They work with both emerging leaders to the existing executive team through a tested four-step process. We truly partner with our clients to understand the principles and values that are at the heart of an organization’s culture. Our four-step approach allows us to individualize strategies, tactics and metrics to measure productivity and success moving forward beyond their coaching from OSG.

Headquartered in the Washington DC area, Orbacz Strategy Group has guided the transformation of world-class corporations representing a variety of industries, across the nation. Our client portfolio includes  KPMG, Duke Energy, Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law Firms, Athene, Inc. and Women in Nuclear, among many others.