Data Resources

There are tons of articles about our work world today with lots of statistics sited. Where do you go for the most trusted and reliable research based data about the workplace today?

There are many fabulous resources that produce valid and valuable research data the many elements of today’s workplace. I find that non-profit organizations are some of the best resources, and I use several of them. Two which are at the top of my list are Catalyst and The Center for Creative Leadership. Catalyst was founded in 1962, and is the leading nonprofit membership organization expanding opportunities for women and business. The Center for Creative Leadership exclusively focuses on leadership education and research, and provides unparalleled expertise in solving the leadership challenges of individuals and organizations around the world. I find that these two organizations produce excellent research based on in-depth studies that span the globe.

In my opinion, these are the best to start with for tracking almost any specific data relative to today’s workplace.

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