Getting Results

Our team is solid: we are professional leadership coaches, experienced leaders, and subject matter experts from top industries.

Orbacz Strategy Group’s coaching approach is one that provides clients with complete trust in the process whereby enabling them to explore options they may not have even thought of in the past or perhaps thought were out of their reach. Our ability to ‘bring out the best’ in our clients and empower them to reach new heights is drawn from deep past experiences and challenges as well as intense training. Our coaches seek to first understand our client’s personalities, their strengths and weaknesses, and what drives them to action. We use a wide variety of instruments and personal dialogue to accomplish this and we hold our clients accountable for improvements throughout the engagement. Our coaches do all of this while providing a safe place for support and encouragement that is critical in order for clients to make bold change moves.

We get to know our clients, their organizations, their cultures and their employees. The enrichment your leaders will take from this expert, personal coaching extends beyond their executive duties. The benefits of our leadership coaching will leave the individual or team with:

  • Capacity for maximizing their full potential
  • Clarity of duties and direction
  • Validation of talents
  • An improved balance of work and personal life
  • Better communication and connection skills
  • Increased pride and accountability

“After only three months of working with Orbacz Strategy Group I was able to negotiate for a much better position and a salary increase. She helped me analyze my career and personal goals to determine the best career move for me. After analyzing my skills and life goals, I was able to make the decision to start up my own company and do the ground work to get it off to a good start. I now have a talent pool of 20 engineers and managers and offer a wide range of software products and services to government and industry clients.” –Marlene Fox-McIntyre, President, Athene, Inc.