Leadership Coaching

While true leaders may or may not be born, we are skilled at recognizing the potential within and bringing it to the surface.

Orbacz Strategy Group works one-on-one with executive level leaders to identify and address individual strengths and weaknesses, recognize underused talents, and best address their relationship to the overall culture of the organization. In addition to developing an executive’s capacity for greatness we also pay special mind to address the emotional issues that arise from being a manager and decision-maker.

We consult with leaders to work through the variety of issues they may encounter, and eliminate those road blocks that can only be removed at the top. OSG also coaches teams to improve performance and maximize collaborative efforts. While our approach is methodical, every step is unique to your goals, management team and organization.

Step 1: Discover. We perform our initial, custom needs assessment as we get to know your corporate culture and current leadership. Identify the capabilities necessary to move forward.

Step 2: Strategize. Navigate an organizational leadership strategy, which outlines the leadership behaviors and skills required to implement the organization’s business strategy.  Align these developmental initiatives with your overall goals.

Step 3: Establish Individualized Goals. Through the use of feedback, coaching and assessment tools, we develop specific goals for each executive. We assess each leader’s strengths and weaknesses against the core competencies identified in Step 1.

Step 4: Evaluate. Finally, we evaluate the implementation of the new strategies and build in systems for measuring how these efforts are paying off across the organization and make the necessary tweaks to optimize the outcome of the entire process.

Our Leadership Development and Coaching services and toolbox include:

  • Emerging leaders to ‘C’ Suite
  • Coaching for individuals & teams
  • Retreat/workshop design and delivery; outdoor programs
  • Tailored, custom leadership development programs based on client needs
  • Sophisticated evaluation and assessment instruments
  • DiSC Behavioral assessment certification
  • Communications and conflict style assessments