Seminars & Workshops

As your consultant and as your partner, our thorough understanding of your business environment, your culture, and your employees helps us yield exceptional results.

Orbacz Strategy Group partners with you to provide tailored leadership workshops and seminars based on the wealth of knowledge we acquire in our initial assessment. These programs are customized to both the culture of your organization and also to each specific department.

How you answer the following may indicate your need to call on us:

  • Is your leadership team effectively communicating the main message and taking the action necessary to put the message into action?
  • Are you going through massive changes resulting in turmoil that your leaders are finding overwhelming?
  • Are your leaders driving your organizational values and nurturing the culture most conducive to employee innovation?
  • Does your leadership team know how to get that discretionary effort from your employee base?
  • Are you actively engaged in developing your bench strength to insure the long-term success of your organization?
  • Is your leadership stuck on the crutch of “we always do it that way” thinking?
  • Does your team need the training that is the catalyst for change?
  • Are communications lacking or contributing to problems within the organization?