Strategic Planning

We don’t come to you with a strategy. We come to you to learn about your business. Then, step by step, we build a custom plan to reach your desired outcome.

Our goal in working with you is to dive into every little detail of your organization’s structure, from products and services to people. You have come to Orbacz Strategy Group with specific needs, wants and dreams for a transition for your company and with careful, custom consulting and coaching we can reach those goals together.

Together with you we will become a true partner, learning about your company’s history and development. Past transitions, hurdles and growth periods, current strengths and weaknesses, and of course the list of to-dos and must-haves are all laid out and examined with a keen strategic eye.

Through our intense, unbiased analysis, we’ll outline a roadmap of practical, tactical efforts to guide your leadership team to motivate, inspire and transform your organization into the one you envisioned when you contacted us in the first place. Deliverables can include a Change Management Plan, adjustments to objectives and incentives or new ways to analyze metrics. Our Enterprise Planning Systems produce specific results for your organization. We will provide you with a custom toolkit to meet your goals and give your organization the sharpest competitive edge.

We utilize goal sequencing and decision making tools that make sense at every level of the organization, and employ a variety of analytical methods that examine the organization from both internal and external perspectives.

When “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” we address it head-on by identifying cultural barriers to executing strategy. Our toolkit includes situational and root cause analysis, SWOTs, balanced scorecards and scenario planning.

And don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging with a grandiose plan. We’ll close the loop with tactical-specific accountability measures to insure follow-through and sustained results. We don’t want our clients and partners to just be surviving – we intend to have you competing at the highest level and thriving as leaders in your industry.