Women’s Programs

As a woman-founded and led company, we are at the core and the cutting-edge of training and coaching women leaders.

Orbacz Strategy Group Seminars and WorkshopsThe diversity that women leaders bring to an organization is a source of strength for all organizations.  Maintaining and growing women in leadership roles calls for a fresh perspective on traditional management challenges. Orbacz Strategy Group has designed management consulting programs that help develop women leaders at every level. The recruitment, development and promotion of women leaders require planning and focused effort and we help organizations develop those plans and measurements.

Orbacz has developed a thorough and in-depth consulting approach to individual client needs in the area of leadership diversity. The OSG ‘Women in Leadership’ programs focus on how to capitalize on the synergies created by diverse leadership teams, including:

  • Workshops for newly promoted women leaders
  • Developmental programs for mid-level women leaders
  • Executive development and consultation for executive women
  • Special speaking engagements for women’s groups
  • Mentoring programs